Liquid & Gel Colors

    for Creams, Icings, Modeling Chocolate


      • Choose individual 1/2 oz, 2 oz or 4 oz containers.
      • Concentrated and ready to use. Incorporate easily into water based liquid, cream, icing.
      • May be blended with other liquid or powdered colors water based colors.
      • Made in the US from natural plant products
      • Vegan, non-GMO. NO gluten, wheat, soy or dairy.
      • Good up to six months (varies with color) refrigerated.

      GEL (PASTE) COLORS      

      • 1 oz individual colors or a 6 color set (.25 oz ea, 1.25 oz total)
      • Exactly the same ingredients as the liquids but with less glycerine. The most concentrated of all ready to use colors.
      • Available in six colors. Create bright yellow to warm orange with the gold gel. Make purples by combing blue and pink gels.
      • Ready to use and incorporate into water based products like icing, batters and modeling chocolate.
      • Made in the U.S. from natural plant products, best stored in freezer.
      • Vegan and do not contain gluten, wheat, dairy or soy.
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