How do I choose the best type of color for my project?

Some folks prefer to use the form they are already familiar with; for this reason the liquids are very popular. The powder colors are our favorites as they ship and store well even in warm weather, have a simple tapioca starch base and can be used in any application from icings and baking to painting on cakes or coloring sugar candies.

Are there artificial ingredients in any of your products?

None of the products on the website contain any artificial ingredients or FD&C dyes. All of our products are the highest quality we can find for you, and most are made in the USA, including many packaging materials.

I live near your shop in Oregon. Can I pick up my order?

Sure. Place your order online. Choose "Customer Pick-up". Please call or email before coming to confirm someone will be here and your order is ready.

Do you sell in larger quantities?

Yes, we sell bulk quantities and wholesale. Please call if you are interested in ordering colors by the pound.

Do you ship internationally?

Certainly! The shopping cart will provide international shipping options for you. We use USPS mail and recommend priority shipping as it will provide better information on tracking and delivery.

Can warm weather damage my order?

As far as shipping, heat is not our friend! Temperatures over 80°F can melt chocolate, mycryo, cocoa butter sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles and modeling chocolate. It can also damage your liquid and gel colors (they shouldn't go "bad", but may begin to degrade and lose color.

How can I ship in warm weather?

Insulated shipping cartons can be added to your order (there is an additional charge). If you are shipping to warm climates and want to avoid special shipping choose products that won't be damaged by heat. The powder colors, icing mixes and writing chocolate are all good candidates for successful heat survival!

Are the color pictures accurate representations?

We try to be as accurate as possible; we want you to be delighted with your order. Some products vary batch to batch, especially the sprinkles and sugars. Vegetables themselves vary, so the colorant can be slightly different with seasons and batch.

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